Dead Man's Hand

SPECIAL EDITION: The first 50 tables will be a Special Edition that includes a Magnetic Revolver Toy Gun Ball Retriever and a Custom Laser Engraved Serial Placard!! 

$799 sale price available for first 50 orders only! Tables are shipping!

Riot Pinball has teamed up with VPcabs to bring you its newest pinball concept – Dead Man’s Hand!

Dead Man’s Hand is a table top, all mechanical, “bingo” style pinball table. It offers convenience and portability for those wanting a new pinball experience without compromising on where to play or giving up precious game room space. The game can be easily stored in a variety of locations or hang on the wall as a piece of art while offering easy access.

The game challenges a wide range of players as they attempt to make the best poker hand possible. Beginners and advanced players alike can compete against one another in this game of finesse and nudging skill; but watch out – don’t get the Dead Man’s Hand! A wide range of alternative games can also be played such as highest single card with one plunge, first person to get the joker, etc.

The design also offers a range of difficulty settings that you can choose before you start playing. The tilt mechanism is a simple, yet effective solution that relies on a pinball held in place by different hole sizes. Change the placement of the ball to change the tilt sensitivity. Nudge the game too much and the ball will fall out of place and you are stuck with the hand you have at the time of the tilt. The game also offers a “Dead Man’s Hand” hole. Depending on the difficulty level, dropping a ball into this hole will either end the game (similar to tilting) or it will just hold the ball and now the best hand must be made with 4 balls.

Game Specifications:
Width: 19.75”, Height: 7.75”, Length: 45.0”
Weight: ~ 30 lbs

Dead Man's Hand design and playfield artwork created by Scott Gullicks. Cabinet artwork created by Justin Stearns.

** Photos, design, descriptions, features are of the prototype game and subject to change (for the better).



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