VPcabs Patch - Pinball FX3 / PinballX

Upgrading to Pinball FX3 is optional. Follow these steps at your own risk.

Please read over the entire post and follow steps as outlined to ensure you don't have any problems with A) installing Pinball FX3 on your machine and B) using PinballX to launch Pinball FX3 tables. Let us know if you have any questions. Happy pinballing!!

** Your machine must be connected to WiFi / Internet


FIRST: Make sure Steam has the latest updates!

1 - click Steam
2 - select Go Online (if offline, otherwise go to step 3) and allow Steam to restart
3 - click Steam, select Check for Steam Client Updates...
4 - allow Steam to update if needed

SECOND: Make sure Pinball FX2 has the latest updates!

1 - double click Pinball FX2 shortcut on desktop
2 - allow Pinball FX2 to fully load / sync (wait 1-2 minutes)
3 - close Pinball FX2

THIRD: Install Pinball FX3 in Steam

1 - on bottom left on Steam window click +ADD A GAME...
2 - select Browse The Steam Store For Games...
3 - search for FX3, select Pinball FX3 and install
4 - launch Pinball FX3 from desktop
5 - Select YES when prompted to link your account with Zen

Whatever FX2 tables you had, minus the few tables Steam said won't be carried over to FX3, should show in your 'My Collections'.

** Pinball FX3 should not prompt you for a 'Cabinet Code / Key' but if it does please do all steps listed above again. If you still are nagged with the cabinet code screen be sure to link account in: FX3 Options -> Privacy Settings

Official Pinball FX3 FAQ: www.pinballfx.com/?page_id=7115


We created a small patch that let's you launch Pinball FX3 tables directly from PinballX. Please note that PinballX will no longer launch Pinball FX2 tables after running the patch. You can still play Pinball FX2 tables by double clicking the Pinball FX2 shortcut on desktop should you still want to to play those tables.

1 - visit www.tinyurl.com/vpcabsfix
2 - download the appropriate patch, save to desktop

Vertigo WITH PC Upgrade = vertigo_plus_patch.zip
Vertigo WITHOUT PC Upgrade = vertigo_patch.zip
Wizard / Classic = wizard_patch.zip

3 - unzip file and double click the 'DOUBLE CLICK ME.bat' file
4 - that's it! you can delete the patch file(s) from desktop
5 - manually launch PinballX or restart machine


The steps above allow PinballX to launch directly into a Pinball FX3 table bypassing the Pinball FX3 main menu. The following steps will add the Pinball FX3 Multi-Game Menu to the PinballX wheel. The Pinball FX3 main menu has a ton of cool features like tournament play, challenges, etc.

1 - open PinballX Game Manager
2 - select Pinball FX2 from 'Select List:' dropdown
3 - click [Add Game] button
4 - enter the following, exactly as typed:
Game: fx3menu
Description: Pinball FX3 Multi-Game Menu
5 - click [X] to close window, save when prompted

You'll see Pinball FX3 in the PinballX wheel. Launching it will bring you to the Pinball FX3 main menu.


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