About Us

VPcabs, Inc. is a fully funded, debt free, American owned and operated company.  We have a dedicated manufacturing facility in Cincinnati Ohio, USA and this is what we do full time.  Unlike any other cabinet on the market, we stand alone in quality of construction and only use first class materials to construct each cabinet we ship. Our staff prides itself in making the absolutely highest quality pinball machines on the market. 

We are serious about providing our customers the absolute best virtual pinball machines available anywhere.

VPcabs, Inc.


"Highly recommend this company. Great products and high quality. They take care of all their customers and if there is every an issue, you can call them and the response time is amazing. There is a reason why they are Number 1 in this market, you will not be sorry." - Richard, D&R Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc.

"Can't say enough good things about the VPCabs crew and the machines they create! I've had my Traditional LE for over a year and a half, we still play it almost everyday. Quality craftsmanship, quality hardware and amazing support when needed. I can't wait to get their new Vertigo machine that plays pinball and MAME arcade games." - Alan P.

"It is awesome! Amazing machine. I got one a week ago. I have no connection to the company. The technology is there and it is really fun to play over a hundred tables (in my case about 150) whenever you want. It's the price of one Bally/Williams machine in top condition and totally worth it! I've got a Zombie Madness LE! - Bartow R.

"My machine is now the centerpiece of my basement game room. Our friends are amazed at the way it plays! - Jeff V.

"Dazzled by virtual pinball! VPCabs' brilliant table..." - Dale N.

"By far the best machine in my collection..." - Kim H.

"I went to the plant and selected my own table. The VPCabs staff understand quality and service. Bought the table on sight! - Gordon

"I cannot believe my eyes. Pinball on a high def monitor! Who knew? I'm a gamer that loves pinball so this is the best of both world's for me and my family. I highly recommend to anyone. I went with the Pinball Racer graphics, it's simply a beautiful." - Michael B.

"I've had my VPCabs LE cabinet for years and it still works just as it did when I bought it! The most realistic virtual pinball machine I have ever played!" - Isaac B.

"Great Products... Great Customer Service... Highly Recommended!" - David D.




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