Ultra VP Virtual Pinball Machine

Experience the entire history of Pinball Tables on our cutting-edge, ultra-realistic force feedback enabled ULTRA VP™ 4D Virtual Pinball Machine. Our integrated AccuFeel™ full force feedback technology is enhanced by powerful 7.1 Surround Sound, game activated LED Strips & RGB Flashers, and an integrated air fan, which reproduces the most genuine sensation of actually playing a mechanical pinball machine. Immerse yourself in the world of Pinball with authentic touch and feel, jaw-dropping 4K 120hz visuals on our unique 49" industrial edge-to-edge depth accurate LG playfield monitor. Enjoy the sweet sound of victory with our integrated Music Video Jukebox, hundreds of vertical Arcade Games, VR and 3D stereoscopic support...

Vertigo NXT Hybrid VPin Multicade

Introducing the Vertigo NXT, a captivating Multicade & Virtual Pinball Machine all-in-one compact upright cabinet designed to take your Pinball & Arcade Gaming Adventure to new heights. Experience the excitement of AccuFeel™ enabled full force feedback with the genuine sensation of a mechanical pinball machine. Immerse yourself in a vast array of Visual Pinball tables, Music Jukebox, and hundreds of Arcade Games. VR and 3D stereoscopic compatible...

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